Friday, February 11, 2011

first window

I know I showed my window display in yesterday's sneak peek, but I wanted to note a few things about it.  These are all recorded media, 12" LPs, 7" 45s and CD covers.  Mr. Fatale's record collection has to be good for something, right?  Truth be told, I don't think his 45s have seen the light of day for some time, but as he presented some of them to me for consideration I got giddy with nostalgia--"I LOVE YOUR RECORDS!"

So the concept was born and I decided I wanted to go modern and simple with the framing, black on black, white on white, and I think I invented pink on pink.  And just for kicks, I decided I would challenge myself by mounting them using only adhesive-free methods. (Record enthusiasts:  please note all recorded media was first removed from the sleeves and all items are in acid-free environments, and have uv protectant glazing :)

Oh, and I should mention my kid-corner was taken on a test drive today, too.

1 comment:

  1. love that you have nick cave album framed! congrats again on the opening.