Sunday, March 6, 2011

Design of the Week

This is a poster for latin music record label, Fania.  The client wanted a look that was modern, but had some salsa flavor.  Something vibrant and Miami.

We chose a very vivid, saturated color in a vinyl-coated mat.  The modern aspect is the addition of a black Bevel Accent.  Bevel Accents are beveled foamboard strips wrapped in acid-free mat paper.  They fit under mats and raise the mats high above the surface of the art while adding a contrasting crisp edge of color.  They are the contemporary equivalent of a fillet.

The poster was drymounted, as is recommended for all posters, to remove all surface ripples.  Drymounting is a process which uses an all-over adhesive film to permanently mount art-on-paper to a substrate.  As this piece is glossy, it was even more important.  But since the item is limited and numbered and therefore potentially more collectible, I chose a method that is acid-free and removeable.

And then we selected a wide, white, flat, gallery moulding to complete the hot, modern, Miami summer look.


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