Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"I've been on a calendar, but never on time."

 — Marilyn Monroe

Wow, East Passyunkers!  You sure have some interesting stuff!  THIS appeared in the shop shortly after I opened my doors.  

Yes, it is the authentic 1955 wall calendar featuring Marilyn Monroe.  And every month is in tact!

The client did his research and located this item so he could give it as a Valentine's gift to his girlfriend.  Can I get an "awww" up in here?

Above is the official documentation for the calendar.  Click to enlarge.

The framing for this is done as a shallow shadowbox.  The calendar is floating (lying on top of, rather than having an opening cut in the mat) on a black suede mat.  We chose black suede because of its saturation of color and also because it echoes the velvet texture in which Miss Monroe is ensconced.  Obviously, I wanted to use a minimally adhesive method of mounting as this item is so collectible.  I was able to accomplish the mounting by using NO adhesives whatsoever on the actual paper calendar.  There are original thin metal strips at the top and bottom that are clamped onto the calendar for display purposes.  I put adhesive only on the strips, and used superstrong, yet still removable stuff.  This item could easily be removed from the framing package in the future and come out completely undamaged:  this is the rule of all conservation framing.

Tall black spacers raise the uv-protectant glass high enough to clear the stapled stack of months:  no glass touches any part of this.  The client chose a matte black gallery frame with some small details, a single step and 2 subtle red pinstripes.

"It's not true that I had nothing on.  I had the radio on."
 — Marilyn Monroe

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