Friday, March 25, 2011

tattoo frame

The art here is Daddy Tattoo, one of Zoe Strauss's most strong, haunting and indelible images.  I am seeing more of her art coming through the shop in these months post I-95 and before the start of her PMA show

The client wanted to honor the image, yet have the framing relate to the image.  We decided it should be framed gallery-esque.  We went with a wide, white mat & black frame.  I knew a great effect for the mat:  double white with the top mat raised.  A window into a world.  

This was achieved by cutting an opening in a piece of acid-free foam that is just a bit wider than the opening of the top mat.  Here it is upside-down on my worktable.

The client and I looked at several frame options, and ultimately went outside the scope of my sample wall.  She had heard that tattoo frames existed somewhere on Earth.  I saw them in a trade magazine, so together we looked them up online.  A company in California makes a comprehensive line of tattoo-inspired frames.  We chose a black-on-black tribal design.  It was as simple as a phone call to get it for her and I had the frame completed within my usual turnaround parameters.

Below are two pages from the online catalog.


  1. it's so weird to have known EVERYONE involved in this post (except whoever owns this piece) -- we knew monique (the subject), we know zoe, and you. i also sent this post along to my high school friend joe leonard, a well-known tattoo artist and painter in santa rosa CA -- i thought the frame line might interest him.

  2. lol! you do know the owner, too ;) as you say, "welcome to philadelphia: population 15."

  3. Could you post a link to the company name, please? I would like to stock these moulding samples in my shop too. I'm in Canada... hopefully they can ship here.

    1. Hi! The moulding manufacturer is Direct Moulding. ( Got my fingers crossed for you :)