Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Step Right Up!

Why yes my window does feature unusual sideshow performers!  I LOVE them, and so did P.T. Barnum who has been a person of interest to me over the years.  He called his beautiful and unique cast, Representatives of the Wonderful, and I couldn't agree more.

These are cabinet card reproductions of some of the most popular personalities of their day.

Cabinet cards, distributed from 1866 to 1906, were shot in studios all over the US and Europe and sold by the performers as souvenirs to onlookers.  

The window was designed to celebrate vintage portrait photography (and beautiful and unique individuals for that matter ;) to coordinate with a special Second Saturday event happening here at the shop.  Tsirkus Fotografika will be setting up a pop-up vintage portrait studio in my backroom (or in my backyard if the weather's nice!) and shooting authentic vintage portraits of YOU for $10!

What do I mean authentic?  A vintage camera and vintage polaroid film are used to create instant black & white photos (roughly 3 x 4").  Props will be on hand, but you are free to dress however you like.  Bring your friends, your family, your pets!

Could you Represent?

There will be instant framing available and free stuff!  All during Second Saturday when the Avenue is alive!

Also on display: a selection of work by RA Friedman, lead photographer of Tsirkus Fotografika!

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