Thursday, April 28, 2011

tricks of the trade

A proud papa of a teacher-of-the-year came in to frame the newspaper article highlighting his daughter.  I suggested we also frame the masthead of the paper to record the name & date of the periodical.  This is best done as a 2-opening collage.

I can easily generate a scale model & map with shop software.  I use the software mostly for customers, to help them visualize what the finished mat will look like, but it also provides me with useful figures for mat cutting. (I can also do it longhand, btw ;)

This article is nice and rectangular.  Sometimes newspaper articles are in strange geometric shapes, or continued on other pages.  I can handle those, too, but one-page rectangles are clean and simple.

Newspaper should be mounted onto black foamboard, to camouflage whatever is printed on the opposite side.  Also, you can't use regular drymount tissue as the adhesive, because it is opaque white and would totally undermine the black foam effort.  Fusion film is clear and the thing to use here.  Newsprint won't ever wave or ripple using this method.

We selected a blackcore mat for this project, which I absolutely love for newspaper articles.  When the mat is cut on an angle, it creates a crisp black edge around the opening of the mat, totally setting off the text.

UV protectant glass will prevent the newspaper from fading or yellowing over time.

Add a professional-looking mahogany veneer frame and this thing could be the star of any office.  Congrats, teacher!

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