Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the zoetrope

I loved being able to work on this project.  My role in it is totally marginal, but really REALLY rewarding.

So my friend RA (of my vintage photo night and current gallery installation) has been working on making a giant zoetrope from scratch.  For real.

never heard of a zoetrope?  click here.

Everything was all assembled by the time my services were requested.  He needed to get the printed images on the pre-cut Cintraboard panels.  And the panels were to have one set of images on the inside, and one on the outside.  And they had to be in a very specific sequence.  And I ended up gaining a level of understanding just to do the drymounts!  

RA had the whole thing organized, printed, labelled, and mapped out.  Amazing.

the map

trimming the panels

pressing the panels



The completed project will be part of Journeys South from Mural Arts.  

I loved this not only because it is an incredible piece of art and ingenuity, and I got to work directly with a great artist and help make the vision real, but THIS is what a neighborhood frameshop can do and be.  

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