Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Design of the Week

Okay, okay, it's really Art of the Week, but the framing design is pretty good, too.  

This is a great piece that turned up recently at the shop.  It is one of a very limited run (just 100 were made) of Maurice Sendak's illustration of a scene from Dracula.

The scene depicted above is one that finds the recently betrothed Lucy sick from a mysterious illness that befuddles Dr. Seward (R) and is just becoming clear to Dr.Van Helsing (L).  The Count, unnoticed, looks on.

My client, formerly a curator of the Rosenbach Museum, informed me about the Dracula exhibit it had done over a decade ago.  The museum is home to Bram Stoker's notes for the novel.

"Sendak did this image as a cover for an exhibition catalog -- the exhibition happened back in 1997, around the time of the 100th anniversary of the publication of the novel. Sendak has long had a close relationship with the museum, and the director asked if he would do this image.  Sendak loves old horror books and films, and was happy to illustrate it. 

The numbered prints were made for a special "collector's edition" of the catalog & were snapped immediately up by Sendak collectors."

We chose beautiful materials for the framing of this image, a dark Victorian frame, a wide linen mat the color of wine--rimmed in gold, and uv protectant glass.

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