Tuesday, May 31, 2011

snapped stick hockey box

This is a game stick used and signed by Scott Hartnell, #19 of the Philadelphia Flyers!!!!  Shhh, it's a gift to a sweet young hockey fan.  A family friend of the boy was able to get it from the player at the game--however that is done.

The client and I worked on a terrific design that has texture, depth, team colors, and drama.

Above the stick is mounted to black suede mat. I used two different methods to make doubly sure these stay put. Passed a stress test.

Below is completed design before glass went on.  Two mats are raised above the surface, using an insert box I made out of acid-free foamboard.  I lined the inside of the box with black suede.  The frame is a 2" high black shadowbox with slender silver pinstripes.

 Finished box is nearly five feet tall!

A refined, sophisticated sports box?  Yes indeed!

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