Thursday, June 2, 2011

a tale of two murals

A few basic rules have evolved in my few years of frame bloggery:  no names or prices, always with the client's permission, and always after it has left the store.  I'm going to do my best here to preserve anonymity...

So there's this organization in Philadelphia that puts fabulous murals all over the place.  And that organization may have held a splashy event this week that required the presentation of framed images to esteemed honorees.

This first one is an image of an existing mural on an oil tank at the refinery near the Philadelphia International Airport.  It serves as a welcome to visitors or residents returning home.  

The photography is fantastic with its saturation of color in the night sky and dramatic lighting of the tank.  We chose a wide white gallery mat and vivid metallic frame in a color value that is spot on.  Cool and modern.

The second is an artist's watercolor rendering of a mural that never quite happened.  It was ultimately rejected by the community for which it was designed.  It is beautifully executed and so wonderfully nostalgic.  We chose an antique white neutral mat and a handsome walnut burl frame.  Warm and traditional.

This organization chose to honor the art as well as the honorees by selecting materials specific to the art, rather than doing them identically in classic "award style."  (but of course!)

Congrats to the honorees!

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