Tuesday, July 19, 2011

philly original

With great pleasure I present to you a Mikey Wild original "marker painting" framed here in the shop.  You may recall the exhibit of similar works last month.

This one was purchased at Gleaners--they have had quite a few of them on display this month--proceeds to benefit the family (I could not resist the rendering of Jesus vs. Iggy Pop), and last I checked there weren't many left.  I am so glad a client scooped this up as a birthday gift (as it turns out, for someone I know!).

portrait of Mick Jagger by Mikey Wild
The client chose materials very similar to what I will select for my own piece!  A black vienna-esque moulding and a red linen mat.  Not over-the-top, not boring, but classic and a little bit dark.

Happy Birthday, lady!

(and to the rest of you:  don't forget to bring in your Mikey Wild originals by 12/31/11.  15% of your framing ticket will be donated to the family.)

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