Wednesday, August 3, 2011

sepia tones

A client brought in this wonderful 1976 photo of her dad playing the banjo.  The photo is permanently affixed to an aged matboard, and has a hand-calligraphed photo credit.  Clearly that needed to show.

We came up with a design that uses the aged color of the matboard as a highlight.  Just a sliver of it shows--just enough to reveal the calligraphy, and then we went dark and monochromatic with the rest of the package.

The photo received a dark beaded fillet, a greenish/brownish linen mat which is an extension of the tone of the photo, and a slender textured aged walnut veneer frame.

The design is earthy and rustic, yet formal at the same time.  The photo is so iconic and the framing needed to convey its significance.

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