Saturday, October 8, 2011

before & after

A client arrived in the shop with this modest previously framed document.  It is the original 1877 deed to her home, handed down homeowner-to-homeowner.  The document is large, beautiful, and hand-calligraphed.  It is also double-sided.

She said she wanted a frame to show significance, to give it more importance, while preserving the document. In our consultation we decided that this would be done with no mat, but use spacers to elevate UV glass over the document, and rest it on another layer of UV glass on the back.  No adhesives.  And a wide multi-paneled frame would provide the visual weight.

We looked at a lot of frame samples, but this beauty won out.  At nearly 5" wide, with 3 distinct components, and a broad flat panel in the center, the beautiful hand-painted gilt detail is an amazing choice here.

the completed project

before & after

And the flipside:

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