Saturday, October 22, 2011

glass trap

I know in the past I have said that dried flowers and taxidermy are my least favorite things to frame, but I should clarify now that properly pressed flowers are a joy to work with  (untreated baby's breath was another matter entirely).  A bride came in with these she'd saved from her bouquet.  We worked for a while to come up with the above design.  No weird angles, nothing to too fussy--just an elegant design like you'd find in an illustrated botanical guide.

These were done as a glass trap, sandwiched between two sheets of uv glass.  The wall color will provide the background color.

We chose a simple pewter frame with some natural details, and I used some framing tricks to hold the glass in place behind the rabbet of the frame.  Hanging hardware is out of the viewing area.  I think the end result is fresh and modern because of the simplicity of the design and its perfect-squareness.

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