Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Solace by Peter Lik
A lovely couple brought in this fantastic photo by Peter Lik.  It came in a tube, and it was very exciting to unfurl!

It came with its own cotton gloves and inside was a note to framers about how to mount it.  The image is a processed Fuji Flex photo, a specialty finish which is very archival and superglossy.  And the photo is five feet long.

Items this large are a challenge.  This one exceeds most oversize materials and we wanted a sleek, modern design with a nice wide white mat which would increase the overall size even further.  We wanted to show the gorgeous luster of the print with UV protectant, non-reflective museum glazing.  And so I sourced superoversize materials including museum plexi, a 72" long mat, and special cold mount material as directed by the photographer.

What are you looking at here?  It's not a sheet of glass.  This is the print after I mounted it.  It is so unbelievably glossy that it looks like a reflecting pool.  Below is the mounted image at a better angle for viewing.

24 hours later, after the mounting adhesive had cured, I called in a special assistant to help me fit the piece.  Thanks, Robert!  Above he is removing the film from a 6 foot long piece of museum plex.  Museum plexi has recently been reformulated to be anti-static and scratch resistant.  If you have ever worked with oversize plexi before you will understand what important advancements these are.  Robert said he even saw a demonstration where steel wool was rubbed all over this stuff and didn't leave a mark.  Craziness!  This would have been unthinkable just 6 months ago.  My official product review:  AWESOME.  REVOLUTIONARY.  And it looks beautiful.

This is the moulding the clients selected and I love it.  It is a simple profile with a little bit of an inward angle and a rounded lip, but it has a unique finish.  Very stone-like and rough, with a natural unevenness in color.  It's a great complement to Lik's modern, natural style.

the completed project
Finished size:  75 x 35.

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