Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This was a great project!  It is 1969 early blacklight poster, Sweet Cream Ladies.  There are some serious condition issues, but the poster has great sentimental value.  It was framed as a special gift for the person who values it most.

The item arrived torn & crumbly.  The paper was so old and the ink so heavy and saturated that it threatened to deteriorate with any more handling.  I used the same method of mounting as I did with that vintage silk square a few months ago, by first getting the fusion film on the art face-down, and then carefully trimming it out and and mounting it face-up.  In this way, the art is mounted all over, to the end of every jagged edge, and future deterioration is prevented.  UV glass and spacers complete the conservation.

I think this manner of framing displays the art as an item with history--well-traveled and well-worn. <3

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