Monday, December 5, 2011

tattoo collage

A client arrived at the shop with this wonderful tattoo by Shawn Dubin on her arm:  an image of Robert Smith from The Cure in an Edward Gorey-esque frame.  LOVE!

She had three of the artist's preliminary sketches for the tattoo and wanted to frame them together in one frame.

We decided it should be 3 ovals, and a framed in a dark Victorian style (ok, goth).

The frame is a very wide ornate imperial frame with a sable rag mat.  I also used tall spacers for no particular conservation advantage, but just for effect here.  I wanted to really recess the art like a shadowbox.  And in working the piece, I soon discovered that the ovals had to be three different sizes.  This actually worked better visually--I think the layout & design are now reminiscent of Victorian botanical/insect specimens and recessing the art only enhanced the effect.

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