Thursday, February 2, 2012

mirror as art

Delightful clients brought in this amazing antique silver mirror with rounded corners.  (Please forgive these photos,  I photographed the mirror on the floor, you are seeing a reflection of the shop's ceiling : / )  It is going in their new restaurant which is a rustic farm-to-table byob (can't wait!).

I love the antique characteristics of the mirror, the round corners, the minor silver loss on the edges, some surface scuffs.  It will go perfectly in a rustic environment!  But then for the frame we went fine dining all the way.

This is absolutely one of the most beautiful frames in my collection.  A 4" wide art deco bronze feather motif.  Just stunning!  I wrapped acid free foamcore custom cut angles in vintage brown velvet to fill in the corner rounds in the frame.  

Please check it out in its new home:

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