Tuesday, June 26, 2012

weekend seminar

The framing industry is very small, but it does have its own set of superstars.  Ok, so it has one superstar:  Jay Goltz.  Jay's been a success in the framing biz for 30 years, an editor at PFM (Picture Framing Magazine), and he WRITES A BUSINESS BLOG FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES.

I think most framers are more visual and artistic right-brain people.  It's been nice to have a left-brainer so visible.  A total luxury to have someone so perfectly relevant writing stuff that makes sense.  

I am pleased to have attended two of his lectures this past weekend at distributor DonMar's Open House.

Jay Goltz!
 And always a joy to run into framing BFFs.

The team from Creative Edge, xo!

and a Crescent Matboard Rep who can strike a pose ;)
Good times, great info.

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