Wednesday, September 5, 2012

key collection

Sorry for the crickets over here on the blog.  It's not for lack of subjects.  Au contraire!  The shop is steadily busy lately and the production schedule is brisk!  Love this schedule!  But time for proper posts has dwindled some.  I've been experimenting with micro-blogging formats, like tumblr (also accessible through the new button on the sidebar -->) and this newfangled thing, JUX.  So those of you looking for a quick fix can check those while I frame like the wind here in the shop :)

Here's an awesome project that came through lately.  A collection of vintage keys in elegant shadowboxes!

An interior designer brought them in (the same designer from the peacock feather project) and selected some fine materials.  Ornate frames, linen mats, and museum glass throughout, and even some fillets on a few.  These are going in somebody's bathroom!  Very posh.

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