Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Very recently I became an official retailer for the Eyes Habit map of South Philly.  It was my pleasure to announce its arrival with a window display.

I love this thing!  I love the style of it, its current-ness, and its crisp modern colors!  The map has become very popular, and I've framed it for clients in a variety of ways already.

I have these really vivid, saturated color metal frames that coordinate beautifully for a contemporary look.

Or a slender black ornate frame for a more vintage aesthetic.

With a mat or without.

If you'll allow me a moment here, I did buy one of these myself, the day they debuted at the car show.  I am normally not very sentimental or nostalgic, but this neighborhood--this time in this neighborhood-- really inspires me.  I know that I will want to look back on it with pride: it is the first community of which I've really been a part.  I am glad it is inspiring artists as well.  Thank you.

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