Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hi!  I am up to my eyeballs in production (yay!), but wanted to pop in here and show off a few projects involving folks' really cool art.

Below is a big panoramic poster designed to fit into the MTA's advertising spaces lining the overhead in subway cars.

The art is by Duke Riley, artist + patriot.  Details below.  LOVE.

Framed simply in gallery frame and neutral mat.

Next up is an anthropomorphic bird, Fowl with Pearls, by Michael Sowa.  The formality of the portrait and the pearls made us go gilded ornate with the framing.  No mat.  This way it looks more like an original oil painting than a poster.

Below is another elegantly framed piece, this one is a small print (8 x 10-ish) by Mark Ryden.

We went with a blue-green suede mat for the top & a super pale pink for the bottom mat.

And then put it all together in this awesome Bolshoi frame.  I love this whole family of frames--this one has chipped paint and missing beads--just perfect for this type of art.

Below is an original sketch for the design of a Star Trek collectors plate, by artist J Martin.

Of course we had to do a circle-cut mat!  But here I wanted to evoke that 1960s view of the future design sensibility with a double mat--both the same shade of white, the top one raised, invisibly hovering over the surface.  Also, and this is a subtle detail, but the exposure of the bottom mat is 3/8."  This is slightly wider than modern convention--again, trying to evoke 1960s design.

Finished with a dark pewter hammered-look square frame.

More to come!  xo

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