Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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*This Thursday Night, Frame Fatale is one of seven locations on the Avenue to display art for the PHREAK 'N QUEER Phreakin' Art Crawl!

Get your phreak on in South Philly for the Art Crawl's opening night!  6 - 9pm.  Refreshments will be served.

More info on PHREAK 'N QUEER Arts & Music Festival HERE.
RSVP for the Phreakin' Art Crawl HERE.

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*The 8th Annual Car Show & Street Festival was a smashing success and an awesome time!

So great to meet all of you who stopped in!

*Framing Projects

Here's a bunch of interesting projects that came through last week:

This painting done by an elephant (Pooparn, Male, Age 6) in Thailand, framed in a perfect bamboo-style flat panel frame.

Below is a signed & numbered print by Ronnie Wood, purchased eleven years ago by some Stones fan clients!  We went gallery style with a wide white mat and black frame, but the frame here is a tattoo frame to give it some edge, and museum glass for amazing clarity and no reflection.

Another gallery style frame design, below.  This time it's a print by awesome Philadelphia artist, Hawk Krall, of our very own Avenue and its most infamous landmark.  (Prints available from our wonderful next-door-neighbors, HOME.)

Below here is a trio of vintage intact wall calendars, featuring Maxfield Parrish art!  These three are in excellent condition, framed in a thin swirly gold frame and spacers to elevate the glass above the art.  

Below here is a stylish map, and I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but the frame is white lacquer, with a kind of distressed lattice pattern.  So lovely!

Next is a project I loved learning about.  This is a souvenir from a client's trip to Amsterdam.  It is a poster for 2006 exhibit at the Amsterdam Museum featuring differently-abled artists' interpretations of Rembrandt:  The Amazing Rembrandts.

There were some condition issues....

 But those issues were mitigated fairly well by drymounting.

And then completely transformed by a great, heavy, very distressed barnwood frame.  The client told me this was one of her very favorite things in the world, so we treated it that way.

And finally, this last one is some very serious business.  It is a memorial box for a hunter.  The wings are dessicated duck wings.  They are positioned to resemble a bird in flight.  The wings were sewn to the fabric mat backing with heavy gauge monfilament.  It is an honor to do a memorial box.  I think this one turned out especially well.

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