Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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*This week is 2nd Saturday and we will be open til 9pm on Saturday November 9th.  If you missed Marker Magic, now is the time to come out and see the show.  We have just a handful of original images left, and please remember that a third of all sales go to our local public elementary, Andrew Jackson School.

Our wonderful next-door-neighbors at HOME will be celebrating their one year anniversary in high style, so pop over and see them too :)

*Last week ended our biggest month ever here at the shop (thanks in no small part to the tremendous success of Marker Magic!) and we are so grateful!  We are now gearing up for our holiday season (Thanksgiving is actually a big framing holiday.), and I wanted to take a minute to point out that because Thanksgiving is so late, the holiday shopping season is a minuscule 3 1/2 weeks long.  The sooner you bring your framing projects in, the better.

Here are some recent framing projects:

A roman-cut mat opening for a vintage ink drawing.  We did this to obscure damage.  This shape works perfectly to connote an amphitheater.

Below is a unique project where the customer wanted the license plate displayed with some background text.  We worked together to design this backdrop and had it printed locally.

Below is a set of tiles from Turkey.  Tiles are set using a strong but removeable adhesive on a very rigid substrate (gatorboard).

 back view:  The gatorboard is held in place using small offset clips for stability.

The finished project:

Below here is an asymmetrical vintage photo collage with one filleted opening.  I like a collage with varied layers and an interesting layout.  And fillets (slender moulding that fits inside mat openings --like a frame within a frame) are awesome to add specialness to individual items.

Below here is original art by Megan Nolde.  A print embellished with french knots.  We framed it gallery style floating (hand sewn) on a neutral museum board.  Sidewalls.

This next one is also floating on a museum board and has sidewalls, but to a different effect.  Ultra modern white on white is a great way to display this graphic poster collaboration of Alex Da Corte and Keri Bronk.  LOVE!

And finally here is an antique photo framed in a Victorian style dark mat and handsome wide veneer frame.  This is exactly the style I love for vintage photos, and if you recall, I also love a wide frame on small art.


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