Saturday, February 1, 2014

dressed for success

Hello again, frame fans!  I am back after a spurt of super-high volume production here at the shop, some extreme weather, and event plotting (more on that next post).  If ever you want to check in with current projects coming through the shop, please follow me on facebook, instagram, twitter, or tumblr as I have been posting quick snapshots there during busy times such as these.

Today's subject is ...
and other professional documents

No matter who you are or what you do you probably have some sort of professional document.  Mine personally include an award for Feminist Writing, a certification in Mixology, and oh yeah, the Philly Hotlist Award for BEST CUSTOM FRAMER IN PHILADELPHIA!

Not all documents warrant a sparkling glitter frame in the front window, but they are all worthy of display.  Most diplomas hare hard-earned and quite expensive;  show them off!

I have many clients who are in professions where they meet with patients or clients in their offices.  A handsomely or elegantly framed professional document speaks volumes to office visitors about confidence, pride, and success.

Diplomas are traditionally framed in a cherry or mahogany frame, but I have framed diplomas every which way.  Some people take a more contemporary approach with a black gallery frame and wide white mat, others like to incorporate their school colors in the mat design.  And then there's these fabulous folks who defied convention (yes!).

First there's this client in finance who was interested in stacking two frames together for a truly custom look.  Sure, no prob!  But he wanted to stack a dental moulding (rectangular motif)  with a bead moulding (round motif).

Um, okay.  Never did that before.  But you know what?  It came out beautifully.  Gorgeous, really.  Here it is with a gray mat and champagne gold bevel accent.

And then there's this Orthopedic Surgeon who wanted to stack a traditional mahogany bead with a gold greek key!  Sure!

Another unusual stack and another fantastic finished design.

And finally here's one of my most ornate gold frames on Neurosurgery certification.  Absolutely stunning.

Any ideas for your documents?  Bring them in.  Quotes are free.

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