Wednesday, February 4, 2015



Thanks to all of you who turned up on Sundays for our special holiday hours. We have decided to expand our regular hours to now include EVERY SUNDAY from 12 - 4pm!

Also, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who shopped here this holiday season.  This was BY FAR our best season on the Ave and we are so very humbled to continue to grow.  We've got a lot of good things planned this year (more on that next post) and are thrilled to be able to be a part of this community.

Here are roughly a zillion recent projects:  follow me on facebook/tumblr/twitter/instagram for the latest.

Awesome art by @taramcpherson in perfect Intaglio frame <3
Cat portrait in Jonathan Adler platinum Greek key!

Some things turn out better than imagined. Dark mat/dark frame combo here seems to illuminate art as if it were on a light box.

Feather art by Chris Maynard. Raised mat and fillet. Watergilded frame. Museum glass.

Giant @studiokmo handcut map of Philly w/6" mat! Finished size 36 x 30.

Regional rail map available @nicethingsphila framed here in baby blue #perfectmatch

NYC architecture stacked w/lines & dots

Matchbook floating (adhesive-free!) in aged steel style box

Special shout out to our awesome digital photo restorer! Original had image loss, cracks, creases, yellowing. New corrected print is pristine! :)
Chic skelly in shiny Chanel-esque frame

Fallout shelter sign in aged-steel finish industrial frame w/screws. Screw heads on corners of art by customer request :)

Little art/big frame #perfectmatch

Unusual (amazing) frame stack for interior design client. Natural maple floating frame on the outside to create a curio ledge.

Kids art in Jonathan Adler platinum lacquer

O.C. box

Floral canvas in fabulous pale gold baroque

Original art by Cat-Vs-Human artist Yasmine Surovec. Large ornate glossy black lacquer (yes!) w/slender contrast red sidewalls.


another someone's BFF

Vintage As memorabilia :)

Rustic & minimal frame on gorgeous outdoor wedding photo. No mat. Glass elevated above photo using spacers.

@lorazombie Ghostbusters in bright linen liners inside similar color vivid metal frames #afavoritetrick

Sad clown Emmett "Weary Willie" Kelly as expressed as 50s paint-by-numbers, completed by client's father. Vintage daisy-motif frame.

Beautifully executed cross-stitch in wide barn wood frame. A window onto a Spring scene.

Madonna and Child gorgeous beaded cross-stitch in arched linen mat (w/just a 1/8" step, to follow art) and leaf-motif gold frame.

Brownish/purplish stippled sepia photo in#crazydeadon #perfectmatch frame

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