Thursday, February 11, 2016

recent projects

Original Matisse line drawing (authentication pending)

Amazing 3 panel weaving by textile artist Bonnie Bacich, which we framed to imply a window with whitewash barnwood frame and textured multi-opening mat. Museum glass + spacers complete the framing package.

Elaborate stacked frame on special holiday greeting card.

Ticket & busted piano string from Carnegie Hall concert. Framed as a gift for the pianist. Piano string (which is quite unusual to break during performance, btw) is hand sewn to fabric mat. Spacers and museum glass complete the framing package.

Honored to have framed this signed letter of appreciation from Pope Francis re: #worldmeetingoffamilies2015#popeinphilly

Love Park print from France

Finished corner octagonal shadow box for art show Mnemosyne by Caitlin McCormack @paradigmgs

Looking Good

Wonderful weaving by fiber artist Bonnie Bacich--with initial collage showing artist's process to chart colors. 💗

16 years of framing, but this is my first pizza box

Frida Kahlo paper collage floating in silver glitter frame!

Screen printed poster for#krampuslaufphilly in amazing black lacquer seahorse frame by #jonathanadler, used here for hirsute emphasis 👹

#nextgen #crossstitchw/special semi-rounded corner opening mat to mimic Enterprise computer interface 😀 Space age curvy metallic frame & museum glass.

#sneakpeek framed heirloom embroidery for @satekamparphilly opening on the Ave soon 😀 Needlecraft on silk done as training in domestic arts. Crab is symbol of prosperity. Shadow boxed in Asian lacquer frame.

Original art purchased on the Ave at @frenchbleuphilly and framed here 😀 Textured floating frame is just right for this painting on wood.

300 year old map of charted territories of N & S American continents.#familyheirloom

Salvaged swatch of retro wallpaper from #southphilly home reno. (Yes it is a flocked fleur de lis on foil 👍) Framed in champagne gold plein air frame to be displayed in dining room where swatch was discovered.

Square format vintage photo of client's grandmother framed in memoriam. Photo is raised and floated. Watergilded frame face w/whitewashed wood sides. Museum glass & sidewalls complete the framing package.

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