Friday, May 27, 2016

IN STOCK NOW! #phldnc2016

#Repost @hogislandpress
When our pal @framefatale asked us to create a print for the #DNC2016 that captures the fear and loathing of the #shitshow that is the #2016 #election, we couldn't help but channel our inner #WoodyGuthrie by way of #BenFranklin to gently remind our fellow citizens that we are all descendants of immigrants living in the Land of the Free, and if you really care about all the stuff that we as evolved and sensible humans are supposed to stand for here in the #USA - concepts like Freedom of Religion, Civil Liberties, Women's Rights, a Healthy Environment and future for our kids, etc. - you really gotta #VOTE this year. You can get this #print at Frame Fatale in #Philly now. Soon we'll be selling it on the site and donating half of the proceeds to the @GarcesFoundation, @WomenAgainstAbuse and @DelawareRiverKeeper ✌🏼️🇺🇸

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