Friday, November 18, 2016

recent projects

Squeeee! #babychewie

A clever print from@atomiccitycomics #popculturetarotcardsshow. Print is floated and hovering above purple linen mat and in a perfectly matched#artdeco frame 😍 #atomiccitycomics Art by Perry Santulli @fauntastic

#beforeandafter gorgeous Asian print reframed w new proportions and clean white lacquer on white mat. A slender Asian fillet inside frame for contrast. Museum glass and it's a stunner.

Not seeing exactly what you want from our huge selection? Create your own unique style by stacking frames together. Frame above was created by using a flat panel black w gold lip and stacking a slender copper floral on the outside. A beautiful classic look for floral charcoal original. Museum glass for clarity.

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