Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Design of the Week

There is A LOT of art going on here.  This is a signed & numbered limited screen print of a polaroid collage by street+club photographer, Paul Hartnett.  The images on the polaroids are of performance artist/provocateur Leigh Bowery (1961-1994), in one of his most iconic looks.

It is a fantastic image, and my first impulse when designing with the client was to grab for my acid green mats. I am so glad I didn't have an exact match, because now, looking at the finished project, I love that the green in the print is allowed to be the star and take center stage.

There are many important things to note about this design.  The red Bevel Accent is awesome here.  (I am so glad they are back in my life!)  It raises the mat super-high above the art--a really deep window inward, and rims it in red to highlight Leigh Bowery's signature. 

In this detail you can see the silver ink of the print.  Note that the mat is not silver, but a flecked light gray, again deferring to the print color to be the star.  The frame here is a dark carved ornate one--and the mixing of the contemporary mat package with a heavy period frame was just the thing to do.

great clients.  interesting art.  daring design.

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