Saturday, May 7, 2011

Design of the Week

Cornbread:  The Legend of Legends

Ha!  What a great project to come through this week!  A client who at one time represented one of Cornbread's associates, saved this legal pad tag as a memento.

Cornbread is a North Philly graffiti pioneer of the late 60s/early 70s.  His form of expression started as a way to win the love of a girl, and eventually escalated to his famous feats of tagging an elephant at the Philadelphia Zoo and the side of the Jackson 5's private jet at the Philadelphia Airport.

Cornbread is still kicking around Philly... I read a lot about him when the Love Letters Murals went up last year, as they were sort of an homage to the "Cornbread Loves Cynthia" writings that peppered the city decades ago.

So, the client had this legal pad.  Why don't we frame the whole pad instead of ripping off the front page?  Awesome!  Just one other thing:  Cornbread wrote his phone number and email address on the back cover.  It'd be cool to show that, too.  Ok.  It was going to be a shadowbox floating a legal pad on a mat, but an opening cut to reveal text on the back and glass on both sides.  No problem!  We chose materials exploding with color.

I cut two mats the same color and glued them back-to-back.  The openings were cut just a hair smaller than the pad.  Then I affixed the pad with the strongest stuff I have.

 I gave it a good stress test, put uv glass on the back, and museum glass with tall spacers on the front.

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