Tuesday, May 10, 2011

bat box

This bat is signed by Philadelphia Phillies', Shane Victorino (The Flyin' Hawaiian)!!  It's hard to find a Philadelphian who is not excited about the 2011 season and this amazing team.  I smiled ear-to-ear when I saw this thing come through my door.

It was purchased at an auction and is a birthday gift from a mother to her lucky teenage son.  There is a style, a method to framing sports memorabilia; it almost always involves using team colors and a gallery matte black frame.  Below is a prepped linen mat in Phillies Red, with an inset photo of Victorino in full swing.  (I had to climb up on the step stool to show you the whole thing--the box will be 3 feet long!)

This shadowbox was done with sidewalls using the same mat as the backing.  Below I am testing the fit prior to glazing.  The bat is mounted using a technique that will allow it to be removed from the box in exactly the same condition it was presented to me.  This is the rule of all conservation framing.  The fit is good!  It is getting uv protectant glass to prevent fading over time.

Go Phils!

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