Wednesday, May 11, 2011

may flowers

new window!

This month features kids art and portraits of children.  

I wanted to make it a colorful craft project--I already had oversize silk gerbera daisies (I was powerless to resist them on a rainy March day at the craft store), but how to stand them up?  I always try to be resourceful in my window displays, I use framing hardware, staples, and wire in my suspension technique.  A solution to my vase problem dawned on me:  I've been saving poster tubes clients have left behind :)

After being cut in half and wrapped in green tissue paper, I think they make lively vases.

The art was all floated on top of vivid mats and framed with spacers in bright gallery frames.

The photos were done similarly, but with openings cut in the mats.  All the beautiful shots of children were done by Langdon Photography, a very talented team who are South Philly parents themselves.

The mats and frames come in a variety of great colors and makes for a superfun collage.

But what has become of the cabinet card display, you ask?

It's still hanging around.  (I'm selling these now at firesale prices -- any of these frames that remain at the end of the month will be repurposed.)

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