Saturday, July 2, 2011

tearing. it. up.

Wow!  Can you believe this?

Did you catch it?  Let me blow it up for you:

I am #1 on the Hotlist!
(click through to vote if you haven't yet :)

I know, it's so early into voting and there are some real bigwigs on the ballot, but for this one brief shining moment I am the Best Custom Framer in Philadelphia according to this very accurate poll.  And I must say I am enjoying it.

Oh rest assured that I will totally hit you all up again and campaign as the deadline approaches, but now it is time to turn my attention to other things in the framing!

And also, I've got a great event on the schedule!

Next Saturday, July 9, is 2nd Saturday on the Avenue and I have a wonderful art installation going up.  Paper Dreamscapes:  Three Dimensional Mixed Media Collages by Ellen Bischoff.  Ellen is an incredibly talented artist and also a fellow framer.  Her art incorporates classical forms, gorgeous textures and impossible dimensionality.

And the good folks from Magners Cider will be here for the event offering a pairing of their pear cider with various cheeses!  Be sure to check it!

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