Friday, July 1, 2011

travel bug

Some clients returned from a trip to Portofino, Italy with these two signed watercolor images of a monestary interior.  The images were vastly different in size, but the clients were very clear in their design directive:  they wanted them framed out to the same size, and large, as this would be most aesthetically balanced for the intended wall and room.

Usually in custom framing, the art dictates the size of the frame, but there are some occasions--this being a great example, where the frame size gets established first.

We chose beautiful materials, a heavy wide rustic whitewash frame, blue gray linen mat, and museum glass.

I was able to come up with mat exposures that were pretty close to even all the way around while exposing the signature on each.  The smaller image has about 4" mat exposures and the larger image has about 2 1/2".  The overall finished sizes are identical at 21 x 25.

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