Saturday, August 6, 2011


a WWII Memorial box

These types of boxes are serious business and are designed with respect and produced with pride.  A client gave himself a Father's Day gift this year and decided to frame these up right in memory of his father.

The first step always in dealing with military medals is to confirm the order is correct.  There are numerous websites to help--simply click the medals received and the software will arrange them properly.  Here is the model I generated with US Army Awards Rackbuilder.

This is how to display them if they were to be pinned on a uniform.  When presenting them in a framing package spacing can be more generous so all the detail can be enjoyed.  

Once the order of the medals was determined we could design the rest of the box which includes a formal uniformed headshot, and a candid shot in fatigues.  Also, the client had a custom plaque made in the soldier's honor.

The framing had to be done in a specific order, too.  A lot is going on behind the scenes of this mat.  We chose a beautiful suede mat in a color reminiscent of Army Green.  First I cut the openings for the photos and installed gold beaded fillets.

The way I like to hang the medals is to mark the mat where the pin bar hits.  Then cut a slit and feed a strap through.  I make the straps with two lengths of acid-free framer's tape affixed sticky-side to sticky-side.

The strap goes around the pin bar and back through the mat and is secured on the back.

This way no adhesives are necessary.  These medals can come out of the box completely unscathed and that is the job of a conservation framer.

The design is finished with tall spacers, museum glass, and a handsome walnut burl frame.

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