Friday, August 5, 2011

sneak peek

Is it Christmas around here?  This week I began carrying mouldings from THREE new manufacturers.  Everything is beautiful and I am so excited to use them in framing designs!  I am most excited about this group:

Gorgeous lucite Prismaframes!  I saw them in person yesterday and I was so dazzled and impressed!

These are high-quality (with a satisfying heft!) totally customizable contemporary gallery frames.

There are endless combinations of shapes, widths, colors, patterns, and finishes--or leave them clear!

These are seamless, continuous closed-corner frames built to order. 

I was so taken by these samples I busted out my camera and snapped these photos right from the Rep's display case!  My samples should arrive in the next few weeks, but I am full of product knowledge and can do pricing until then. Let's talk lucite!

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