Friday, August 19, 2011

remembering brigit

a collection of ephemera

Doesn't everyone have a 7 foot tall transgendered superhero in their life?  Mine passed away last week while she was cooking dinner.  I am a better person for having known her, and the world is worse for her no longer being in it.

photo by Eleanor Kincaid

"They're gonna need to raise the ceilings in the afterlife now."--Len9

photo of Rochelle & me by Brigit.  photo of Brigit by me.  1993 Oakland, CA.

1996 club pass for that time she played in New Brunswick, NJ
(Need to hear Led Zep on cordless drill?  Click here.)

still from Hollywood Nights

Brigit was pioneer in everything she did, and to me she was a superstar, a sister, a parent, and BFF.  Miss you, girl :'(


  1. i knew brigit very well , we lived together in oakland for almost 2 years and i did sound for her , and she will be missed , the one thing i will always remember was one night at BAGG in the early days at the tracadero , we were setting up for a show , while doing sound check , she was reving the drill and saying " test , test " after about the thrid time i walked down from the booth and stood at the base of the stage , looked up 11 feet to her and said with my straight face "This is NOT a test .... THIS is a DRILL"

    god speed brigit

  2. lostgirlx--those shots in Oakland were taken in your living room! xo