Thursday, January 12, 2012


Over the holidays, a ton of art came through here and I managed to snap a handful of pics as I was flitting about like a hummingbird.

The project featured above is just a simple mat cut to go into a customer's existing frame (yes, I do that!).  Yep, just a white mat on black + white photography.  What made this job interesting was that the client asked if I could cut a crooked mat.  She wanted an unusual placement.  She explained that she had traveled to Pisa with someone who was trying to straighten out the leaning tower in her camera's lens.  Ultimately, she got a beautifully square shot!  But my client wanted to turn the photo into a clever gift.


This was easily achieved by removing the straight arm from my mat cutter and some softly penciled guidelines on the back of the mat.

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