Wednesday, February 29, 2012

family history

A client arrived with this beautiful silver gelatin print photograph of her grandmother circa 1925.  It was previously framed similarly to the example below.

image source
It was in its original octagonal frame with convex glass.  The color and condition of the frame did not show the photo to its best advantage, so the client wanted a framing makeover that would be worthy of the photo and evoke the period from which it came.  We unfit the photo from its antique frame right there on the design table and the client retained the original materials for a possible future purpose.

We chose a beautiful Biltmore frame and a sable mat lined with a fillet that coordinates with the frame, but from a different frame family.  I have fillets (thin strips of moulding that can be fit inside the mat like a frame within a frame) that are made to match just about every moulding I carry, but I like to mix things up for a truly custom look.

The piece was finished with UV protectant glass to prevent any potential harm from lighting.

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