Wednesday, March 7, 2012

calendar girl

A Vargas pin-up!  A client arrived in the shop after having purchased this 1948 calendar page on a recent trip.  Miss June reclines in cheery yellow,

"My bridegroom must be quite a man,
He'll have to be a do-er,
I'll want him as true as I to him--
In fact, a whole lot truer."

Peruvian born artist Alberto Vargas was known for his stylistic feather-light sensual depictions of women from the 1930s through the 70s.

This calendar page is excellent condition.

We started by choosing mat color, mat width and size of the opening.  Note we chose to crop the binder holes at the top and show fine print at the bottom.  We used a neutral beige as top mat--just a hint darker than the calendar to make the paper seem brighter and a pale yellow bottom mat to coordinate with the lovely Miss June.

The frame here is the beautiful distressed Bolshoi, slightly yellowed with elegantly swirling handpainted details, aged with character. 

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