Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Caretaker

A first-time homebuyer here in the neighborhood found THIS in a closet of her South Philly row:

A vintage silver gelatin formal portrait of four individuals.  No other information was found.  No studio information on the card.  She decided the photo belonged to the house and should be respected and displayed.  She brought it in for framing.

The edges of the photo were damaged and the the backing board had bowed.  After a brief trip through the heatpress and measurements taken to obscure the damage beneath a mat, the photo was properly prepped.

We selected framing materials in a style consistent with the period:  a dark brown linen mat & ornate dark fillet.

A dark brown Victorian frame and UV glass & the job is complete.

A splendid offering to her new home and a conversation piece for all her visitors.

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