Saturday, May 19, 2012

a glittering statement

Remember when I got these glitter frames?  

It was love at first sight for me although I knew they would never be bestsellers.  They are a specific look and require a certain type of art.  I often mused that one day someone would come into the shop with a signed KISS poster and I'd be ready.  

Well, the day arrived that there was a perfect marriage between a glistening glitter frame and art.  And lo, it had nothing to do with glam metal.

Before I continue, I need to point out that these frames are high quality products.  They are not just spray coated with glitter glue.  They are actually wood frames wrapped in glitter encrusted canvas.  And I was delighted to discover that they are packed with a complimentary sugar rush.  Thanks, Bella!

And the occasion?  This fabulous piece of typographic art by Ashley Goldberg as an engagement gift for a happy couple.

The text is so bold, the color so subtle, and the message so clear:  "I need to sparkle with JOY!"

I recessed the art with tiny handmade sidewalls as seen below.

It really expresses the thrill and excitement of finding The One (and The Dog).  <3

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