Saturday, July 14, 2012

bathroom art

Not all art was meant to be in the center of a home.  Bathrooms need art, too.  I think this is the greatest example I have ever seen.

A client came in with this swatch of vintage wallpaper (late 60s maybe?).  This is the paper that once hung in the home of her husband's grandma.  I am told the remnant roll was carefully divided among the siblings when grandma moved.  So this swatch is perfectly intact, never been stuck, and I think all of the pattern is represented.  

Here are some details from the pattern for your perusal.

I have never seen a pattern like this in my life.

I have seen and framed some other fabulous wallpapers in my day, though, and I love the idea of framing a swatch as art--that way an unusual pattern can be used to great effect without committing a whole wall or room to it.

We found the perfect frame for it:  a 3" wide scroll-y floral scoop in WHITE LACQUER.


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