Wednesday, July 25, 2012

woven art

I was at a party when I first heard about these wonderful weavings by Bonnie Bacich.  When they arrived in the shop they were more beautiful than I had imagined.

Zuni Warrior by Bonnie Bacich

Navajo Woman by Bonnie Bacich
They are portraits of Native Americans the artist did on a loom in a reservation in Zuni, NM.  I have A LOT of experience with textiles, but these pieces are transcendent of the medium and absolutely extraordinary.

I have said previously here on the blog, there are two schools of thought on the framing of certain types of textiles. The first way is for purists:  simply stretch and frame, no mat, no glass.  A more contemporary approach is to mat and glaze the work as one would a fine print or watercolor.  But here the client chose a third way, which is to stretch and frame, but put under glass with spacers.  Glazing was added to protect the fibers from dust and the elements, and spacers were used to elevate the glass so the fibers could remain fluffy and not be pressed under the glass.

The client chose substantial frames that really enhance each piece in a classic way.

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