Saturday, October 20, 2012


I continue to be a busybee with the framing (thanks, guys!), but have found a few moments at the end of this brisk Saturday to post a few interesting projects.  

(1)  Here is a large (48 x 48) Hermes scarf that I sewed to a gallery wrapped primed canvas.  The client wanted to display it like the other art in her space (all gallery-wrapped canvases--no frames, no glass).  I think it turned out well and I could totally see this holding its own in a modern loft.

(2)  Another client brought in this whimsical original illustration (finished project below).  It depicts a fabulous party circa 1986.  The party was one of many at the New York apartment of the parents of my client.  The illustrator, Anne Dolsen Wingert, was a family friend and attendee.  This art hung in the kitchen of my client's childhood home, and now is framed in bright 80s style (distressed tangerine lacquer!) to hang in her own kitchen as an adult.

Detail below.  Colored pencil and ink rendering.

(3)  I apologize for the quality of the photo below.  I snapped it on my phone quickly before it left the shop.  It is an illustration of a gallery opening that is drymounted, matted, and glazed with UV glass and then fitted into the client's own vintage museum frame (note finished corners and center ornamentation).

(4)  Below is an intact chapbook floating without any adhesives whatsoever in a splendid art nouveau frame. Spacers raise the glass above the chapbook.

Here is how it was achieved.  Straps fed through the back of the mat hold the book in place.  When the cover is closed, the straps are nearly imperceptible.

(5)  Below is art that a client's mother did while she was in college.  It is oil on a 1" deep corrugated cardboard box.  We did an unusual design where the art was first mounted in a floating frame with 1/4 inch reveal.

Then glass went on top of the floating frame, and then a hardwood shadowbox went on the whole thing.

Wow.  I didn't realize what diverse projects these were as I selected the photos.  Love that.  Every day is different around here.  Lots more to show you soon.  xo

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