Saturday, October 27, 2012

this just in

TWO brand new lines from Jonathan Adler!

On the left is Bel Air, amazing new lacquer frames in surprising motifs and an insane platinum color I've never seen before.  And on the right is Darien, linen liners in vibrant modern colors (at long last!).

I love both of these new lines and they went straight from the box to the front window.

Bel Air is awesome, and I'm so glad to add to my modern lacquer collection.

This style is called Seahorse, and it's meant to coordinate with Adler's iconic Seahorse lamp, but clearly can stand on its own.

Also available in flat styles, as well as Greek Key (below)

And chicklet (below)

And all styles will be available in white lacquer in early 2013!

Check out the manufacturer's Bel Air designs HERE.
And Darien designs HERE.

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