Saturday, May 4, 2013


Have an idea for an unusual framing project?  I will entertain all strange design ideas (thanks again, Pinterest ;).  I love a challenge and will give anything a whirl as long as the idea is within my ability and the laws of physics.

Some great clients brought in these antique biscuit tins with original glass.  They had an idea to put matted photos in them to hang in their kitchen.  Sure!

The tins are already very frame-like.  Or shadowbox-like, more precisely.

Even though the glass was already in place at the top of the box, I made sidewalls so that I would have a surface to which I could adhere backing.

Oh, and did I mention they are hinged?  Awesome!

In the above pic, you can see the underside of my sidewalls.  That little 1/4 inch surface rimming the sides is where I put my adhesive.

Once I had everything together, and figured out how to put hanging hardware on, I hung the tin on the wall as a test.  The door swung wide open.

Will.  Not.  Do.

And then it came to me (credit where credit is due:  an interior designer client brainstormed this one):  MAGNETS.  It totally worked!  They still function, the magnets are not visible when the box is closed and they hang properly on the wall.