Wednesday, May 1, 2013

rings and things

April's 2nd Saturday was amazing, guys!  I am starting to really enjoy the art gallery aspect of the shop.  So while the focus of Frame Fatale will always be framing, it turns out that I also like showing art and opening up the store to neighborhood functions like 2nd Saturday.  I would love to keep the momentum going and show new art here more regularly.  I have lots of good things up my sleeve for the months ahead, but I must urge you to come in and see our present show.  Postcards From the Ledge are gorgeous small format black-and-whites by RA Friedman--our city as reflected in windows.  On display until June 6.

These past few weeks have been pretty busy here at the shop, lots of new products and challenging projects.

Here's a great project a recent client brought in:

This is art by Sarah Kate Burgess, and if you're wondering what that big empty snowflake-looking shape is, please continue.

The client also received this box with the art.

Inside is a ring made from the shape removed from the art.  The client wanted to display the art and ring together.

This can be done as a shadow box.  I suggested we put a wide mat around the art and affix the ring to the mat.  Above we are trying it with a soft pinkish suede mat.  Love.  I think the suede makes it look like grandma's sewing box.  In a good way.  And the color is just right.

I noted how in the image the pink embroidery floss seems to flow right off the paper at the top there.  I suggested that I could match the color and suspend the ring from real floss.  The client agreed :)

So after a trip to the craft store, I found a great match.

First, I cut the mat and put the art on acid free backing.  Except I didn't like seeing the backing board in the empty space.

It would be great if it could be displayed to see through to the wall color.

So I cut an opening in the foamboard.  I cut a piece of plexi to put under the backing, to protect the back of the art.

Much better.

Then I tied one end of the floss to the ring, and the other end to under the mat where it seems to trail off the art.

I used a few tricks to keep the floss where I wanted it with no visible attachments.

The whole thing went is a gorgeous bone color shadowbox with rope detail.  The mat and art are recessed using deep sidewalls.  It is glazed with UV glass.

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