Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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This week:

*I have something awesome in the works for an upcoming gallery show.  Stay tuned.

*My current ranking on the HotList is 2nd Place.  I am only 0.5% behind the leader.  17 days left to go.  Please LOOK INSIDE YOUR HEARTS and vote!  :)  

Last week:

A young man doing a home renovation project discovered this written on the lath behind his wall:

He wanted to repect his home's history and frame it up handsomely for the new space.  We selected a really grainy dark wood moulding to connote Turn of the Century building material.

I made really narrow sidewalls in the same color as the mat.  (3/8")

Mounting was done with super short screws.  These are almost never used in framing, but totally appropriate when framing building materials.  Adhesives might have done more harm here than good--I considered that they might rip the fragile paper covering on the lath, in a gravity + time equation.

Below is the finished project.  We went with UV glass to prevent potential future fading.

This next project is a great photo I have affectionately referred to as Rockstar Dad.  (There is a Moonbounce interior reflected in his mirror shades.)

Image floats on a gray/blue linen.  Spacers raise glass above art.  Contrasting vivid orange metal frame.  Rockstar all the way :)

And this last one is contemporary (etsy) silhouette art.  Silhouettes were popular as Victorian art, so we added a Victorian framing element in the oval opening in the center.  It also makes for a more dynamic design.  The cool neutral mat and the modern gallery frame bring it right up to date.

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